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First five days of Chemo

Received treatment Monday morning. No Problems, felt great throughout the day. 

Tuesday still feeling good. Afternoon just strange sensations throughout body. 

Wednesday starting to feel pain in legs, plus weakest. 

Thursday was bad. 8 out of 10 pain in legs, very difficult to get around without strenght in legs. 

Friday feeling much better. Pain down to a 2. Strenght coming back to legs. 

Deborah, Olga threw a punch at your cancer.
Olga sent you a hug.
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Hi Jim and welcome to the blog. Sorry you have to be here but there are many caring people here with a wealth of experience in cancer treatment. May I ask what kind of chemo you started. Did you have surgery?

Tell us more about yourself!

Sending prayers and positive energy your way.
Hi! That's a neat suit. You look good. Sorry you had some bad days but it sounds like you are feeling ok today.
Hi Jim, Glad you're feeling better. Tell us a little more about your treatment and the chemo you received. I just finished 4 months of chemo in August for lung cancer and am still trying to regain my strength back, especially after surgery and chemo. It will take some time but just stay positive, keep moving when you can and rest when you can't. Hope you continue to feel better for the holidays and can enjoy some good times with friends and family.
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